LMNT POTS Support: 3 For Free LMNT Samples
We have heard from hundreds of customers who have shared how meaningful LMNT has been for managing POTS. As a mission-driven company, stories like these motivate us each day.

In an effort to support those with POTS, we want to offer a free LMNT sample to you and anyone you know that may benefit while supplies last.

In order to support as many folks as possible, sample are limited to one per person and we have made DIY electrolyte homebrew recipes available on our site for free. We will email you the DIY electrolyte recipe guide as soon as you submit the form.

Let us know where we should send the free samples - and we'll take care of the rest.


Problems like insomnia, low energy, headaches, muscle cramps and conditions that require high electrolyte intake.

It all started when I solved my energy problem. I found that a low-carb diet helped resolve my own health issues, but I felt something holding me back from the feeling and performing my best each day.

It turns out that a lack of sodium had been cramping my mental and physical performance for years. When I ate more salt, not only did my energy skyrocket, but my brain felt sharper than ever.

For years, I would mix up a salty electrolyte blend in my kitchen because nothing on the market could meet my needs (no sugar, no BS ingredients). But I’m a busy guy and mixing homebrews is a pain. I needed a better solution.

So we created LMNT this tasty electrolyte mix with everything you need and nothing you don't (after much trial and error). No sugar, fillers, or other nonsense to interfere with your fast. Just electrolytes in their optimal ratios. Grab a pack of LMNT, mix in your water bottle, and recharge your body.

Stay Salty,
Robb Wolf & The LMNT Team